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Town Manager, NUPRP
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Job Summary

: 02
Job Nature
: Contractual
: Any
: At least 3 year(s)
: Both
Job Location
: Anywhere in Bangladesh
Salary Range
: Not mentioned
: Dec 04, 2018
: Dec 17, 2018

Job Context

  • Job ID: 19709
  • Practice Area - Job Family
  • Poverty Reduction - URBAN POVERTY REDUCTION
  • Duty Station: Barisal, Bangladesh
  • Grade: SB4
  • Vacancy Type: Service Contract (SC)
  • Posting Type: External
  • Bureau: Asia & the Pacific
  • Contract Duration: 1 year with possibility of extension based on performance and availabiltiy of fund
  • Only Bangladeshi nationals are eligible to apply
  • Duty station: anywhere in Bangladesh (transferable)

Job Description / Responsibility

  • Summary of Key Functions:
  • Lead in overall programme, financial and administrative planning, implementation and management of programme at City Corporation/Municipality level.
  • Coordinate with International Project Manager, NUPRP HQ Output Coordinators, City Liaison Coordinator and Operations Coordinator for effective implementation of all output activities.
  • Coordinate, facilitate and lead the development of annual work plan and budget (AWP&B) at City Corporation/Municipality level following bottom up process and considering the needs identified by communities and submit AWP&B to Project Board.
  • Ensure successful implementation of the project's activities at town/city level as approved in AWP&B and the achievement of the project's outputs in line of the logical framework indicators of NUPRP.
  • Ensure proper management of project resources, i.e. vehicle, equipment and oversight administration and financial management at the city level for optimum uses and ensure security of resources.
  • Lead a team of project staff that includes output experts, assistants, accountants, community organizers etc.
  • Conduct performance assessments for staff.
  • Coordination and communicate with relevant high level government officials, donors, NGOs, academic institutions and the private sector agencies to explore scope and establish linkage/partnerships to synergize project resources, experience sharing and coordinate with different units of NUPRP HQ
  • Capacity building of local government, communities and project staff to achieve the project outputs.
  • Strengthened participatory practices within the city/town through citizen engagement in project planning, monitoring, evaluation process.
  • Facilitate Municipality/City Corporation, Government Organizations, CSOs, NGOs & other key agencies to undertake "Pro Poor Policy", SDG oriented planning and Advocacy.
  • Facilitate formation of Town Steering Committee/s (TSC) and Town Project Board/s (TPB), maintain close communication and mobilize them in planning and implementation of project strategies. S/he will report to the Project Board in Dhaka Headquarters and to the Town Project Boards at Town/City level.
  • Maintain close communication with the Ward/Zonal Offices of Municipality/City Corporations and mobilize ward/zone level officials/resources to execute/monitor NUPRP implementation.
  • Undertake regular field visits to monitor programme progress and performance, identify necessary actions/issues for programme delivery, provide technical advice and management support to staff, community leaders, and partners and policy recommendations to HQ to make programme more successful and sustainable.
  • Ensure timely preparation of community contracts as per approved budgets and timely submission to HQ through Town/City Project Boards.
  • Ensure timely preparation of periodic monitoring reports of programme and finance, share with HQ and other relevant stakeholders, identify gaps and undertake corrective actions on time.
  • Organize and participate in missions of GoB, UNDP, DFID, other donor agencies, stakeholders, City Corporation officials and other stakeholders to highlight project results, process and challenges and get feedbacks.
  • Specific responsibilities will include:
  • Lead in overall programme planning, implementation and management of the project at City Corporation/Municipality Level
  • Establishment of Town Steering Committees/s, Town Project Board/s and its engagement in project planning, implementation and monitoring through organizing routine meetings, field visits, etc.
  • Frequent communication and facilitate all administrative, financial and programmatic approval through TPBs to prepare and timely delivery of AWP&B of City Corporation.
  • Lead the implementation of Output activities at Town level and coordinate with NUPRP HQ Output Coordinators and City Liaison Coordinator for effective output activities delivery.
  • Lead the preparation and implementation of the annual results based work plans and result frameworks as endorsed by the project management team and Town Project Board.
  • Prepare annual training plans with quarterly breakdown, prepare budgets for each training courses and send to HQ through TPB for approval and subsequent execution.
  • Responsible for preparation of tow/city level surveys to identify all urban poor communities, and preparation and implementation of town mobilization plans.
  • Responsible for ensuring that community action plans are prepared and regularly reviewed to update, trace changes in well-being of poor and extreme poor people living condition after receiving support from project.
  • Ensure that the Bank accounts mainlined and operated by NUPRP community organizations are in transparent manner.
  • Responsible for local procurement or equipment and services under delegated authority from Project Board.
  • Provide timely decisions at all levels and solving problems on time for proper implementation of project.
  • Timely identify challenges and risks that may affect project delivery and facilitate required strategies/actions at all level to overcome the challenges and make project smooth in operation.
  • Finance and Administration :
  • Ensure that project financial management are implemented in compliance with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the project at town/city level.
  • Ensure proper utilization of all financial inputs for approved activities are disbursed to the town/city.
  • Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports;
  • Supervise proper accounting of the project resources and reporting
  • Responsible for ensuring financial reports to project Headquarter on a monthly, quarterly and Annual basis;
  • Ensure that office vehicle, motorcycles and assets are utilized following UNDP/GOB rules; ensure register for office furniture, equipment and assets
  • Take lead role to mitigate problems and conflicts at community and office level, investigate major problems and endorse reports by the Town Project Board & HQ
  • Lead effective and efficient management of the staffs and office environment
  • Ensure government permission and security for large gathering, day observation and foreign delegate's visits and maintain coordination with High level government officials.
  • Facilitate annual financial audits that are being conducted.
  • Ensure that the project office has efficient office management procedures, up to date record keeping and that it is well maintained.
  • Ensure proper use and maintenance of all project vehicles/motor cycles and other equipment in the town/city
  • Knowledge Management and Reporting :
  • Lead the process of knowledge captures of town know-how, best practices in the subject area and production of knowledge-based products.
  • Conduct survey and study according to the project requirement & guidelines, Assist to OPR mission for conducting annual project review and to Mid-Term & Final evaluation of the project.
  • Represent NUPRP in meetings of Town Steering Committee and Town Project Board and other meetings/committees at Town/City level.
  • Represent NUPRP at national/divisional/district levels to uphold project image and reputation.
  • Coordination of all activities with local government officials at City office, Zone Offices and elected representatives including the Mayor and Councilors of City Corporation and ensure their engagement in project planning and implementation.
  • Coordination of project activities with relevant high level government officials, other donors, NGOs and government projects, and other stakeholders for convergence of NUPRP Programme.
  • Document lessons learnt on eviction, field level problems solving matters and advocacy issues; disseminate the reports with project peoples at town level and HQ level
  • Organize monthly staff coordination meeting to review progress of target and plan for next months.
  • Ensure that monthly meeting conducted for Community facilitators to review progress, target and next month planning; facilitate coordination meeting between project staffs and community volunteers.
  • Coordination of project activities with project experts, output managers, international advisers, coordinators at HQ.
  • Promote project success and visibility in the national and local level print and electronic media, ensure proper documentation of successful events which is published or broadcasted in the media.
  • Linkage, Partnership and Policy Support :
  • Participate in different stakeholder's dialogues, workshops, meetings and contribute in strategic and policy issues of NUPRP Programme and to formulate policy/update policy papers.
  • Facilitate in preparation/update of inventory of relevant service providers active in City and community levels and provide such list to communities to establish linkages.
  • Identify relevant potential agencies from government, NGOs, Business groups and facilitate to establish partnerships to support poor communities.
  • Prepare Terms of Reference (ToR) and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for partnerships with GOs, private sectors and NGOs.
  • Conduct collaborative & Coordination meeting with like-minded organizations for ensuring better support to the programme beneficiaries and avoid duplication of work & maximize resources.
  • Advocate for the urban poor and Extreme poor peoples in order to ensure their settlement from eviction and create access for them in the government basic health and education services and in Social safety nets programme
  • Identify policy issues, find alternate to address and advice relevant staff members and HQ for appropriate policy formulation.
  • Ensure that local partners have received approved fund, technical and management support on time to implement partnership action plans to contribute on the outputs of NUPRP.
  • Work with other agencies for advocacy to influence urban policies and practice to make those in favour of urban poor communities.
  • Identify exceptional needs of community and develop/recommend necessary programme interventions to address those needs either direct delivery or partnerships with agencies having comparative strengths.
  • Contribute in dialogues/meetings organized by HQ in developing partnership at project level.
  • Liaise with the relevant government line agencies, private sector, training institutions, financial institutions and local commercial and industrial organizations to pro-actively promote economic opportunities for members of the urban poor communities through linkage/partnerships.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting :
  • Ensure timely preparation of periodic monitoring reports of the programme and share with HQ and other relevant stakeholders, identify gaps and undertake corrective actions on time.
  • Organize and participate in missions of GoB, UNDP, DFID, other donors agencies, stakeholders, City Corporation officials and other stakeholders to highlight project results, processes and challenges and get feedbacks
  • Undertake necessary field visits to monitor programme progress and performance, identify necessary actions/issues for programme delivery, provide technical advice and support to field staff, community leaders, and partners and policy advice to HQ to make programme more successful and sustainable.
  • Review and attain all email requests on time mainly received from different Units of NUPRP HQ.
  • Ensure that programme operation is being monitored by community leaders, project staff and City Corporation staff and TPB and TSC.
  • Develop reporting tools for the project staffs and community facilitators and ensure its implementation, reporting and analysis to monitor routine project progress.
  • Monitoring implementation of quarterly and annual work plan and budget utilization and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports to share relevant agencies.
  • Assist to HQ M&E team to modify and develop monitoring tools and ensure successful piloting at town level.
  • Responsible for documentation and of project activities
  • Capacity Building :
  • Develop annual training Gantt. Chart following Training Need Assessment (TNA); prepare quarterly training plan, budget and concept note.
  • Organize and manage all training activities and exchange programme for staff, elected representatives, government counterparts and community members, including selection of participants.
  • Ensure high standards in the provision of technical and advisory inputs, organization of workshops, seminars, training and day observation and conference.
  • Maintain inventory of project beneficiaries who receive trainings for further follow up support to convert skills and knowledge into practices and actions.
  • Ensure necessary technical and hand-on support to NUPRP Community leaders to maintain required records at community level for financial transactions, community banking and other programme interventions to promote good governance and accountability.
  • Facilitate workshops, seminars and training for the key stakeholders, programme participants and project staffs
  • Develop and implement other interventions to ensure capacity building of the target groups and partners.
  • Staff Supervision and Performance Management
  • Management of all project staff and experts assigned to the town including personnel administration, work plans and performance assessment, coaching, mentoring, counseling and capacity building.
  • Identify tasks in well advanced and assign works to respective staff and ensure that they report on their complete activities within given time frame.
  • Prepare staffs Annual Performance Plan including performance indicators and expected outputs; conduct periodic review session and provide feedback accordingly.
  • Prepare staffs Annual performance/ Service Contract evaluation report following a participatory discussion and in compliance with UNDP policy
  • Provide necessary technical advice and management support and decisions to staff members for necessary trouble shooting and timely project implementation by engaging community people.
  • Periodically review work loads of staff, prioritize work and redistribute tasks among the staff to ensure optimum uses of human resources by balancing their work loads.
  • Facilitate healthy working environment in office where staff members express their views and ideas without any hesitation to make programme efficient, innovative and sustainable.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to project staff, coordinate their work and ensure that they are aware of project policies, directives that fulfill their Terms of Reference.
  • Identify gaps and undertake all necessary administrative actions if any lack of compliance is found.
  • Other Responsibilities: Undertake any other work as requested by the Project Board, Town Project Board or NUPRP/UNDP HQ.
  • Impact of Results: The key results have an impact on the overall success of the implementation of NUPRP during Phase 1 at the City-Level.

Job Nature


Educational Requirements

Master's degree in Urban Development, Social Sciences or International Development.

Experience Requirements

At least 3 year(s)

Job Requirements

  • Corporate Competencies:
  • Promotes UN's values and ethical standards (tolerance, integrity, respect, results orientation, impartiality)
  • Promotes the vision, mission and strategic goals of UNDP's Country Office
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Functional Competencies:
  • Management and Leadership:
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities
  • Provides inspiration and leadership to staff
  • Development and Operational Effectiveness:
  • Capability to engage in team-based management, experience of leading workshops and being a resource person.
  • Ability to lead results-based management and reporting.
  • Ability to oversee timely project implementation and to provide the necessary trouble shooting to keep project implementation on schedule
  • Ability to formulate and manage budgets and work plans.
  • Ability to implement new systems and affect staff behavioural/ attitudinal change
  • Knowledge Management and Learning:
  • Promotes knowledge management and a learning environment in the office through leadership and personal example.
  • Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral): Sensitivity to and responsiveness to all partners, Respectful and helpful relations with all UN/UNDP staff.
  • Experience:
  • 3 years of experience in a project management position with responsibility managing a significant budget and direct line management of professional staff as well as building partnerships with organizations/agencies.
  • Proven experience in gaining cooperation, building and managing relations and partnerships with Local Government Institutions/organizations/agencies, as well as diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Practical experience in negotiating and setting up contracts with government and private sector entities.
  • Sound knowledge and working experience related to the policy, legislation and regulation of municipal frameworks in Bangladesh.
  • Experience working in climate change resilience and disaster management in urban development would be an asset.
  • Working experience in UN organizations/ International donor organizations will be preferred.
  • Significant experience of community based development projects preferably in urban context.
  • Experience in gender responsive programming/implementation.
  • Experience in strategic and operational planning and implementation of activities
  • Experience in report writing, making presentations and use of computers.
  • Experience in riding motor cycle with having valid driving licence
  • Knowledge and skills :
  • Ability to think clearly and analytically.
  • Working with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to plan own work, setting priorities and completing it under pressure or when faced with competing demands.
  • The numerical ability to make budgets and to monitor costs.
  • A sound knowledge of financial control procedures.
  • Knowledge on RBM, data base and progress reporting
  • Use of computer for reporting, presentation and financial control
  • Personal qualities :
  • A strong commitment to gender sensitive, inclusive and pro-poor development work.
  • A commitment to UNDPs approach and values.
  • Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Consultative and empowering management style and willingness to learn from others
  • Willingness to travel project towns as required
  • Language Requirements: Fluency in written and spoken English and Bangla.
Gender: Both
Age: Any

Job Location

Anywhere in Bangladesh

Salary Range

Not mentioned

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Application deadline has been passed!

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UNDP works in some 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.